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Moving, Rictus Grin working hard, Weight Loss Surgery etc.

It's sure been a long time since I visited here. Feels like returning to an old friend. I don't know why I stopped in, I just felt the site drawing me in.

Many things have been happening lately to Larry and I. We're busier now than ever trying to get our stuff packed for our big move in one month or less. We're moving in with the Rictus Drummer Jeff in the big town of Fond du Lac. The more I feel like I'm getting done around the apartment the worse it starts to look. I'm feeling really nervous about moving in with someone after Larry and I have been alone for so long here. I dread and fear the things that will inevitably have to change (like privacy, losing control over rearranging things, and not being able to run around the apartment in only a big oversized shirt etc.)

I know it sounds like little piddly stuff, but I am having a hard time accepting these changes.

In other news, the band had an offer to tour with the band Warborn. It was only going to be a couple months tops along one of the coasts of the US, but they had to turn it down due to lack of vacation days and finanacial backing right now. I know that Jeff especially wanted to do it, but Larry pointed out that if the tour isn't big enough to make some kind of difference one way or another (with a well-known headliner or some 'big' shows) it just wouldn't be worth it for Dave and Larry to lose their jobs just yet. I think they are really getting close to that point where they will leave everything behind in favor of the open road...they just need that one opportunity extended to them that they currently lack.

Believe me though, we aren't waiting around for something to land in our laps--we're shooting a music video to submit to MTV2, their putting together Doomsday again for the end of January and they are on this online vote thing where the winner will get a record contract, a video shot by a special effects guy who did many well-known contemp movies and some other prizes. We'll see if any of this pans out, but if you want to vote for them go to and give them your support. I know they can do it with help!

I've become an insomniac lately. Working on my autobiography all hours of the day and night and in between reviewing music, and interviewing bands and getting paintings and drawings done hopefully in time for the Christmas arts and crafts fairs. It's a hard lifestlye with plenty of stress, but enough down time to recover. I should be grateful for the life I lead when comparing it to others.

On a final note I went to the first meeting for the lap band weight loss surgery. It sounded promising and also very tedious to become ready for the surgery. Meetings with nutritionists, psychologists, surgeons and lots and lots of dealings with the insurance company. They had people at the meeting tonight though who had the surgery done and who said they have never been happier than they are now after the surgery. Many of them said they were close to the end of their ropes before getting the surgery. The main problem any of them had was getting food stuck when not properly chewed. I think I would learn not to do that pretty darn quick after puking and feeling sick!!! I hope it's the right decision for me!

Well, I better go and try to sleep for once. I have so much to get done here that I desperately need sleep!
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