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Uncle Ed, Doomsday, Writings and Art Studio

I'm relieved that my uncle Ed is doing ok. He had a tear or blowout of his aorta and I have been weepy and shaky and sad over the whole situation for days. Every time the phone rang I tightened up and got nervous and scared of bad news. My uncle is a tough guy though, he works harder and knows how to live better than most people I know and if anyone can get through this it will be him. I wish I could go visit, but since the Doomsday show I've had the flu and I didn't want to make things worse for him just for my comfort and peace of mind. He was one of the people who believed in me the most and always found pride in the things I was able to accomplish, even if those things are somewhat unconventional...he even liked my art! I wish for him the fastest recovery possible.

Now that Doomsday is done and over with it's time to try and get back all that we left behind to do the show. We used up all of our resources both financially and otherwise doing the show and we lost our internet, cable, and almost lost our phone and electric...hahaha! But what an amazing show. The way that show grows every year is amazing to me... Larry calls it my show because I did all of the flyers, tickets, name badges, vendors, promotion, I organized the promotional stuff for the people who came out to see the show and burned comps until my eyes burned and my back got sore. I was so happy to go around and see it all happening and to know that people really appreciated and enjoyed the show :) I hope that everyone can see how much we love all the bands we know and all of the bands we meet and how much we want them to succeed. This music scene is in our blood and in our souls and it seems to drive us along regardless of trials and tribulations...

I'm feeling so bad to neglect all the writings that I have been doing for some time now. SJM and Garageradio will have to wait until we get our finances back into least until next month...(((sigh)))

Right now I'm putting together stuff to send to Belgium and Florida. (one fan and one business contact for the band). I'm excited when people like the band enough to ask for CDs. Before we were begging people just to take a listen :)

Also, now that I'm offline (except the few times I can sneak online over by my Aunt and Uncle's house) I'm setting up my art studio. It's really just the back bedroom, but I put up all my paintings on the walls and organized the closet with all of my paints and chalks and brushes etc. I even put my keyboard in there because it is so inspiring to have it in there for piano lessons. I hope I get a table to use for painting soon because I have so many ideas for pieces and I have been getting nothing done!
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