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Shows, Art Museum, Car Accident and Confirmation

This past weekend was a definite mix of good and bad.

We went out to a show Friday to see some local bands that are friends of ours--Carbellion and Fade. They are cool guys and we had a lot of fun seeing them play at the small town bar near the band practice spot. I like that whole crowd a lot--they're fun and cool to be with.

Saturday Larry and I went out to the art museum and we paid to see the Degas scuptures and the rest of their regular art collection. I love the feeling of being amongst art and knowing that I'm kind of a part of that world too now. I like the pictures done in pastel from Degas better than the sculpture, but some of the sculptures were pretty cool. It was funny because there was a gigantic sculpture of a very full figured naked woman and we watched as many of the tourists came and had their pictures taken next to it :)

After the art museum we found this little pub that we'd eaten at once before. It reminds me of an old world pub or inn because the floors and walls and furnishings are all made of dark wood. The food there is really good and really filling too. I had a turkey bacon wrap, mac & cheese and fries and I was FULL after 1/2 of it!

We dropped off some of their band CDs at the local record store and then we went home to nap. After napping for quite a while we decided to go out to a bar we haven't been to in a while to drop off a shirt and CD for the bar owner. On the way there we hit a deer while going down the freeway. It was quite an impact--on my side of the car. My knees hit the dash, but luckily I was wearing a seatbelt. We pulled over and Larry tried to wave people down, but since it looked like nobody was going to stop Larry tried to pull the fender away from the front tire. I stayed in the car, but I could see the whole hood was crumpled up and my door was stuck shut. A terrible smell wafted into the car and I thought it was the engine, but it turned out to be the blood and guts of the deer. It was an awful smell and I felt so bad for the poor deer we'd killed. Somebody finally stopped to help and he called the police and then some friends of ours stopped too because they recognized Larry's trench coat. After the cop checked up on us and left our friends followed us to the next exit ramp and we turned around and went home. I was dazed all night from the experience and couldn't even bring myself to look at the damage!

Sunday we got up early to fix the brakes on our van. We hadn't fixed them earlier because Larry was using the car to get to work and I can write and paint etc. from home so I didn't urgently need a car. He fixed them up for $10 because all it needed was brake pads. (Luckily) and he got it fixed up really quick. We went to my cousin's confirmation after the van was fixed because I was her sponsor. It was chaotic and unorganized, but we got through it somehow and then spent the rest of the night at my Aunt and Uncle's house eating brats marinated in special sauce, cheesy potatoes, chocolate mousse, chocolate dipped strawberries, and cake. YUM! When we got home Larry hosed off the car because it was still covered in blood and fur and guts. I finally went to look at the damage and the front headlights were missing and the whole front of the car was smashed in. I guess we're going to donate the car to a guy who is going to enter it in the Ozaukee county demolition derby. We just can't see looking for a fender, light fixtures, hood and door when it goes through soo much oil and runs so poorly as it is. We're going to fix our 1973 Olds instead.
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