Blue (riagoose) wrote,

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still awake--3am

It's getting really late--or it's 'early' depending on how you look at it. I'm still awake and restless. Life is spinning around me in suspended chaos and I have completely lost all control. It's an eerie and frightening feeling.

I watched words appear on the screen a while ago while writing about the past and it seemed like I could see the moments beyond the words right there in the computer screen. It almost seemed like the words played a video of the story behind the glass.

hmm. maybe it's time to try and get some rest--if only my body would allow such luxuries.
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so damn poetic, do you even know that?
I don't even realize what I'm saying half the time I'm so tired and weary lately! :) Thanks for writing! How have you been?
well, i hope to see you the 28th
you updated your journal
on your survey answers
i dont see any update
i am always here for you